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Language audit, English language for advanced learners, English language for begginers, Business English, Preparation for tests, Workshops, Trainings, Seminars

Preliminary analysis

- preliminary meeting with staff in-charge - office observation - interim meeting with the management - report and discussion on the audit strategies - data entry for the purposes of language audit

Language audit

- oral test-interview - written test-interview - analyses of the collected information by a competent auditor - preparation of auditor's report on the current condition - price for additional copy of the auditor's report - final meeting with staff in charge - report - written recommendations to the management - preparation of language programme - 2 versions

Services related to the languade audit

- preparation of incoming test to determine the language level of newcoming staff - working out of template for different types of business correspondence - consultations on business documentation / correspondence, etc. - consultations on summary of documents - document editing - test administration а. QPT test (Council of Europe Level) + Certificate b. incoming test c. audit test - consultations on language portfolio data, language passport - preparation for interview - make a draft / edit / proofread a CV or RESUME as per the particular standards - make a draft / edit / proofread a fax -make a draft / edit / proofread of Motivation Letter / Cover Letter - make a draft / edit / proofread a Formal Letter / Official Letter - Essay writing - preparation of an individual educational programme - translation E-B / B-E - plain text - translation E-B / B-E - specialised text, terminology included - simultaneous interpreting - E - B / B - E - consecutive interpreting - E - B / B - E - tutoring - standard correspondence - draft and edit - create skills to be a team-player in an office environment - calligraphy

Main modules offered

English language for beginners English language for advanced learners Bulgarian language for beginners Bulgarian language for advanced learners English / Bulgarian language for Intermediate learners English for communication Bulgarian for communication Business English Business Bulgarian EU English NATO English Preparation for tests Gaming - situations in communication Lessons, duration, place and hours of the courses, as well as their type and contents may vary depending on
your wishes, needs, goals and time available.

Workshops. Trainings. Seminars.

Workshop - improving personnel's writing skills Workshop - improving personnel's speaking skills Workshop - improving personnel's communication skills (writing and speaking) Training - work with specialized terminology Workshop on language skills necessary for negotiations and business meetings ЕС hot-issue seminars, preliminary designed for the audience Subjects and contents of the workshops and trainings may vary according to your wishes, goals and needs determined by prior linguistic analyses.
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